ZQ: PodHunt Recap (Day 7+)

by Louis Tur

Ok, so day 7 of this installment was actually on Thursday, but I was a little busy migrating to Ghost.io and tieing up any loose ends from Flatiron (re: taking a day off).

But what of Podhunt?

Podhunt has stalemated at day 6 (written out on this blog) for the aforementioned reasons. For a recap of each day check out my Medium blog:

And so it begs the question, will the first installment of ZQ have it's own ZQ? The answer to that is: maybe.

There's so much else I'd like to do, and consistency and rules are going to be the key to this series. So, I am ashamed that Podhunt continues to roam the earth, in app-purgatory but it's just fate at this point.

All the Take-Aways

The point of this series is also to give myself a grip on scope on timing -- afterall, how on earth will I be able to estimate coding time if I don't establish some baselines? This next ZQ project has one over arching, meta-goal:

Actually Finish

Which I guess is the most important goal of all, besides learning I guess. And with that in mind, I begin ZQ:V2 League Blargl

Louis Tur

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